High Quality Plain Gazebos

As a cheaper alternative to our Branded Gazebo range, utilizing the same high-quality framing and available in a wide range of sizes with the canopy and side coverings available in a range of stock colours. We also offer optional banners to help promote your brand.

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Key features

High quality waterproof

Fully waterproof material with tape sealed seams to prevent leakages.

Fastest turnaround time

2 to 3 working days as standard for no extra cost!

Lifetime Guarantee

on joints and brackets

16 Stock Colours

to choose from

Compare specification

Bmaxx Pro 39 Bmaxx Pro 46 Bmaxx Pro 58
Frame cross section Leg Cross Section Bmaxx Pro 46 leg detail bmaxx pro 58 leg detail
Frame material Powder coated 39mm H/D steel. 1mm gauge thickness 46mm alloy. 1.5mm gauge thickness 58mm alloy. 2mm gauge thickness
Frame style High apex High apex High apex
Recreational use Yes Yes No
Commercial use Yes Yes Yes
Professional use No Yes Yes
Height adjustable Yes Yes Yes
Carbon fibre nylon joints Yes Yes No
Cast alloy joints No No Yes
Waterproof Yes Yes Yes
Inner aluminium coating No No No
Inner PVC coating Yes Yes Yes
Flame retardant fabric Yes Yes Yes
Internal concertina bar ribs No Yes Yes


Many sizes available to fully suit your needs.

2m x 2m

4 metres square

3m x 2m

6 metres square

3m x 3m

9 metres square

4.5m x 3m

13.5 metres square

4m x 4m

16 metres square

6m x 3m

18 metres square

6m x 4m

24 metres square

8m x 4m

32 metres square


Another budget friendly way to customise your simple stock coloured gazebos.

  • Available in PVC or Polyester
  • Easy to replace if you you’re constantly changing/adding to your brand
  • Many sizes available
Tullie House - Gazebeo with Banner


  • 4.5m Ind No Sides 04102010
  • 4.5m Ind Sides Down 04102010
  • Bmaxx Pro 39 3x3m 1
  • Bmaxx pro 39 3x3m 2
  • Bmaxx Pro 39 4.5x3m 2
  • Bmaxx Pro 39 6x3m 2
  • Bmaxx Pro 46 3x3m 1
  • Bmaxx Pro 46 3x3m 2
  • Bmaxx Pro 46 3x3m
  • Bmaxx pro 46 6x3m 2
  • Bmaxx Pro 46 6x3m
  • Bmaxx Pro 58 3x3m 1
  • Bmaxx Pro 58 3x3m
  • Bmaxx Pro 58 4.5x3m
  • Bmaxx Pro 58 6x3m 1
  • Bmaxx Pro 58 6x3m 2
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Gazebo Safe Screen

We have 100% designed and manufactured a unique special Gazebo Safe Screen for use on all market or event gazebos allowing the trader and customer to safely distance behind a clear PVC screen, similar to a checkout acrylic screen but with better flexibility. Our unique design allows for custom sizing and custom hatches or zips etc. all made to order form our factory in Stoke On Trent.

  • Fully wipeable/spray bleach cleanable
  • Fire Retardant to BS 5438
  • UV resistant
  • ½ size, full size, or custom sizes available
  • Hatches can be made with or without zips to allow easy access
  • Hang down from any part of the inside of your gazebo
  • Allows your traders to keep behind a screen whilst still serving customers
  • Similar system to supermarket screens but more flexible for use

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