Terms & Conditions

No liability is accepted for delays or non-performance of the Contract due to force majuere, act of God, the requirement of any statutory authority, fire, accident, industrial dispute, your failure to obtain any necessary permissions or licences or anything deemed to be beyond our reasonable control.

If there are any abnormal conditions attached to the site, which affect the installation of the Equipment, we reserve the right to make further monetary charges to cover additional costs either from suppliers or ourselves. Transport charges are quoted on a clear vehicular access and egress to and from a ground floor location. Access must be pre-arranged by you unless otherwise stated.

We are not responsible for any damage to the site on which the equipment is installed and this shall be solely your responsibility.

Any damage or loss to/of the equipment must be reported to us forthwith. You will be fully responsible for any loss of or damage caused to the equipment or delivery units during the period of hire, which includes installation and set up. You are advised to insure the Equipment. On any claim under insurance provided by us, you shall pay the current excess level.

Hired equipment remains the sole property of City B Group Ltd at all times and will be checked on collection or return to our premises. Any shortages or damages noted at this time will be charged to you at current replacement cost and deducted from any monies held as deposit or retainer.

The period of Hire shall commence from the moment of collection or from when our delivery vehicle(s) arrive on site with part or all of the equipment hired. The Hire period shall continue until all the equipment is returned to our premises or from when our total equipment is removed from site by ourselves or sub-contractors and for avoidance of doubt purposes will not exceed 84 days. Late returns are charged at 20% of our hire list price per day.

We shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury arising out of the use of or failure of the equipment or any defect in them save for the liability in respect of death or personal injury, which arises from our direct negligence. We accept no liability or responsibility for any indirect or consequential loss or damage or cost due to breakdown, damage or interference of the equipment.

All equipment is provided ready to use and must be returned in the same condition. Any queries regarding shortages or damages must be advised on the day or receipt. Equipment returned unclean or marked will be subject to a cleaning charge of 40% hire charge value.

A marquee is only intended as a temporary structure and will not necessary safeguard fully against weather conditions. We accept no claims, liability or responsibility, which may arise from this fact.
You shall endeavour to supply such electrical power points as required for the use of any electrical items hired.
The Client should not enter the structures whilst assembly is taking place unless given permission by the company or representatives of to do so.

You shall not use any electrical, gas or powered equipment of any kind inside of or in close proximity to the structures without prior written permission of the company or by prior arrangement.

You shall not tamper or modify with any of the equipment provided and agree not to affix, suspend or place upon the structures/equipment any item whatsoever without written permission from City B Group Ltd.
If you cancel, a cancellation fee may be payable at our discretion. A booking fee agreed prior to the contract is only refundable at our discretion.

We reserve the right to charge interest at 4% above our banks base rate calculated daily on all amounts outstanding from the due date until the payment is received.

The risk of goods sold passes to you at the time of delivery. The title to goods supplied remains with us until we have received monies to the full price of those goods agreed to be sold by us to you. Our liability in the event of a valid claim of faulty goods is limited to the replacement of those goods or, at our discretion, refund of the price less any delivery costs incurred.

If any of the terms and conditions here are held invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms. Acceptance of the equipment/goods implies acceptance of these conditions.