Covid-19 temporary solutions

We are responding to the current pandemic and provide a range of temporary solutions available to help keep your customers and/or employees sheltered.

We have units readily available and are able to respond quickly to supply, install, and remove from your site in a fast turnaround.

Please call 01782 744961 or 07771 763178 for further information and/or quotes, or contact



  • Supermarkets
  • DIY Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Garden Centres

Gazebo Safe Screens

We have 100% designed and manufactured a unique special Gazebo Safe Screen for use on all market or event gazebos allowing the trader and customer to safely distance behind a clear PVC screen, similar to a checkout acrylic screen but with better flexibility. Our unique design allows for custom sizing and custom hatches or zips etc. all made to order form our factory in Stoke On Trent.

  • Fully wipeable/spray bleach cleanable
  • Fire Retardant to BS 5438
  • UV resistant
  • ½ size, full size, or custom sizes available
  • Hatches can be made with or without zips to allow easy access
  • Hang down from any part of the inside of your gazebo
  • Allows your traders to keep behind a screen whilst still serving customers
  • Similar system to supermarket screens but more flexible for use

Download flyer

  • BMAX 3x3 half screen 1
  • BMAX 3x3 half screen 2
  • BMAX 3x3 half screen 3
  • BMAX 3x3 half screen 4
  • BMAX 3x3 half screen 5
  • safe screen cgi 1024
  • safe screen cgi 1025
  • safe screen cgi 1026 v2
  • safe screen cgi 1023 v2
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen angle
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen front
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen hatch
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen front 2
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen inside middle clear side
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen interior section
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen side shot
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen inside angle
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen inside back
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen inside
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Walkway Coverings

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  • resized BLYTH Market 002
  • resized BLYTH Market 006
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Testing Drive Through Stations

  • covid19 drive through
  • volvo
  • DSC00007
  • resized DCP 1192
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Handwash stations

  • Hand Washing Station Social Distancing
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Queue control systems

  • harry James
  • harry james 3
  • monsoon click and collect
  • resized Liverpool Tennis fencing 003
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We are able to supply a wide range of other products to help keep employees and customers safe. 

Visit our microsite

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  • cafe barrier
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  • sanitiser stations
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