Metal Jigsaw Stacking Weights

Our premium weighting system is the most effective way to secure gazebos and market stalls on hard-standing surfaces.

  • Slots together around any size gazebo leg
  • Weighs 25kg per pair
Jigsaw Weights 1


A budget friendly way to weigh down your pop-up gazebo.

  • Adjustable straps
  • Professional finish
  • Fitted pockets to make filling them easy
Sandbag Weights

Foldable Trestle Tables

Our high-quality plastic blow moulded tables are ideal for almost any event!

  • Folds in half for easy transportation
  • Perfect for market traders
  • Ideal for catering purposes
Folding Tables 2

Rola-Trac Flooring

High quality flooring we have in stock is injection moulded from high impact plastic, rectangular panels linked by a unique hinging joint, our Portable Flooring is fully recyclable.

  • Can be deployed over most surfaces (grass, sand, soil, gravel, concrete & tarmac)
  • Disperses heavy loads on firm surfaces such as grass to minimise traffic impact and damage
  • Compresses top of surfaces to provide a stable traffic area
  • Manufactured from High Impact material that gives it superb strength
  • The material gives the panels a high temperature stability and safe operating rangeā€¢ Extremely light and portable
  • Material specific standard of fire retardant
  • A non-slip and non-reflective surface for pedestrian safety
  • The hinges are designed to minimise 'wave effect' allowing safe wheelchair use
  • Ideal solution for event flooring
  • Symmetrical to allow 'offset' and 'right-angle' joints
  • Simple operation requires NO special skills OR TOOLS!
  • Each panel drains, dispersing excess fluid from the surface
  • The canopy under each panel allows your grass to survive happily for long periods
  • All flooring is available for sale or hire
Rola-Trac Flooring

Heavy Duty Tie Down Kit

The best way to anchor your gazebos onto grassed areas.

  • Perfect for people looking for added strength and stability
  • Includes 4 x Heavy Duty 'S' Hook Straps & 4 x Large Hook Pegs
Heavy Duty Tie Down Kit 2

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