Branded Gazebos

Branded pop-up gazebos are the perfect promotional tools. We offer a choice of frame and printing options to suit any needs and budget.

With the many options and variations of branded gazebos on the market, we at City B Group, always endeavour to make your purchasing process as simple as possible whilst still offering the variety required by the events market.

The majority our staff members are trained to a high standard and many have a minimum of 10 years’ experience within the event sector.

We also offer an unrivalled aftercare service with experienced staff on hand to help with any initial questions and queries you may have. Many parts for spares/repairs are kept in stock at our warehouse to ensure that you receive them as soon as possible.

You can always be confident that, from your initial enquiry to the moment your new printed mini marquee is delivered (and beyond), you will receive the best possible service and advice from one of our experienced and friendly members of staff.

Branded Gazebo kits can be made up of any combination of the following:

For more detail on all options and prices please contact us. To view examples of these units and to see just what you can achieve with these pop-ups please visit our gallery

Download Spec Sheet

Key Features

Free Mock up Designs

Simply send us your logo and design specs and we’ll provide a free initial design.

High quality waterproof

Fully waterproof material with tape sealed seams to prevent leakages.

High Quality Printing

We use the latest in technology dye sublimation printing.

Full pantone matching

We can match your corporate colours.

Fastest turnaround time

7 to 10 working days as standard for no extra cost!

Lifetime Guarantee

on joints and brackets


Many sizes available to fully suit your needs.

2m x 2m

4 metres square

3m x 2m

6 metres square

3m x 3m

9 metres square

4.5m x 3m

13.5 metres square

4m x 4m

16 metres square

6m x 3m

18 metres square

6m x 4m

24 metres square

8m x 4m

32 metres square

Compare specification

Bmaxx Pro 39 Bmaxx Pro 46 Bmaxx Pro 58
Frame cross section Leg Cross Section Bmaxx Pro 46 leg detail bmaxx pro 58 leg detail
Frame material Powder coated 39mm H/D steel. 1mm gauge thickness 46mm alloy. 1.5mm gauge thickness 58mm alloy. 2mm gauge thickness
Frame style High apex High apex High apex
Recreational use Yes Yes No
Commercial use Yes Yes Yes
Professional use No Yes Yes
Height adjustable Yes Yes Yes
Carbon fibre nylon joints Yes Yes No
Steel footplate No No Yes
Waterproof Yes Yes Yes
Inner aluminium coating No No No
Inner PVC coating Yes Yes Yes
Flame retardant fabric Yes Yes Yes
Internal concertina bar ribs No Yes Yes

Colours & Branding

Various printing options are available which enable us to brand anything from a simple company name or website on the valance to an all over pantone matched canopy and sidewall kit.

We use the highest quality fire retardant and water proof polyester which provides the ideal base for printing. It helps to give every unit a professional and striking finish.

Branded Gazebo for Shock Absorber
  • branded gazebos 0001 dow agrosciences
  • branded gazebos 0003 pressure hose
  • branded gazebos 0007 arsenal
  • branded gazebos 0006 spitfire
  • branded gazebos 0005 dogs trust
  • branded gazebos 0000 dickies
  • branded gazebos 0004 halfords
  • branded gazebos 0002 pizzahut
  • Branded Gazebo The Teenage Martket
  • Clownfish Events Gazebo BandW 1
  • Cornerstone 2
  • David Spear 3
  • Eden1
  • facebook 20150614 172541
  • IPA Branded Gazebo
  • Island Delights
  • P4210454
  • Pro Vision
  • Shock Absorber 1
  • UKSA1
  • Chestertons 2
  • Guards Polo3
  • Opppo Ice Cream
  • Somerset Freemasons
  • Rave Coffee
  • Supernatural
  • Zoom Events v2
  • Arden v2
  • Aston Martin
  • Break Charity
  • Cancer Research 1
  • Colin Lewis cysles 6mx3m
  • Cyclefresh
  • Cycloc 2
  • David Spear 3
  • Dune Surfer 1
  • Academy Interiors v2
  • Brandsby 3
  • facebook 20150614 172644
  • g1 1000 778 80
  • Geatwood
  • Good Highland Food
  • Greek Cycle Holidays 1
  • GreenMech
  • Happy Hounds
  • IMG 0969
  • Malvern Triathlon Club
  • Mary Berry
  • MHA 1
  • New Balance 1
  • P4210454
  • Phoenix Futures
  • Pizza Loco 2
  • Riverford NEW1
  • Roxan 2
  • DeWalt FlexVolt
  • DK9z9EqXcAIO6A0
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Dye Sublimation Printing

We use the latest in dye sublimation technology for the majority of our branded gazebos. Dye Sublimation printing is a process where dye is penetrated into the fabric using a heat process.

  • Accurate and unlimited pantone matching
  • No restriction on the amount of logos/text/images
  • High quality and vibrant print
  • No flaking or peeling
  • Very long lasting
  • Perfect for all logos no matter how complex
  • Can be used to print high quality photos and other images

We operate a detailed quality control service to ensure that all printing is done to the highest possible standard.

yorkshire dye sub printing

Heat Press

A very budget-friendly solution for simple logos/text.

  • Can be used to print directly on to P.V.C fabric as well as polyester.
  • Perfect if you require small amounts of printing on your stock coloured gazebo.
  • Ideal for printing simple text-based logos/websites/email address etc on valences and sidewalls.
Best Direct


Another budget friendly way to customise your simple stock coloured gazebos.

  • Available in PVC or Polyester
  • Easy to replace if you you’re constantly changing/adding to your brand
  • Many sizes available
Tullie House - Gazebeo with Banner

Gazebo Safe Screens

We have 100% designed and manufactured a unique special Gazebo Safe Screen for use on all market or event gazebos allowing the trader and customer to safely distance behind a clear PVC screen, similar to a checkout acrylic screen but with better flexibility. Our unique design allows for custom sizing and custom hatches or zips etc. all made to order form our factory in Stoke On Trent.

  • Fully wipeable/spray bleach cleanable
  • Fire Retardant to BS 5438
  • UV resistant
  • ½ size, full size, or custom sizes available
  • Hatches can be made with or without zips to allow easy access
  • Hang down from any part of the inside of your gazebo
  • Allows your traders to keep behind a screen whilst still serving customers
  • Similar system to supermarket screens but more flexible for use

Download flyer

  • BMAX 3x3 half screen 1
  • BMAX 3x3 half screen 2
  • BMAX 3x3 half screen 3
  • BMAX 3x3 half screen 4
  • BMAX 3x3 half screen 5
  • safe screen cgi 1024
  • safe screen cgi 1025
  • safe screen cgi 1026 v2
  • safe screen cgi 1023 v2
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen angle
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen front
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen hatch
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen front 2
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen inside middle clear side
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen interior section
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen side shot
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen inside angle
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen inside back
  • citybgroup gazebo safe screen inside
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